A Leader in the Medical Cannabis Industry

George Scorsis Florida

The former executive of Red Bull Canada and Liberty Health Sciences, George Scorsis Florida is a leader in the medical cannabis industry. He has been active in numerous initiatives and has donated to several organizations. He splits his time between Florida and Canada. He said that the industry is growing and he wants to stay at the forefront of it. Here’s a look at what he has to offer. Here’s a look at some of his most memorable projects.

As an executive of the medical cannabis industry, George Scorsis has built an enviable track record. He has led three dispensaries in Florida, including the popular Cannabis Education Center. Despite the competition, the company’s mission is to help patients navigate the process. He aims to make the patient experience a safe and pleasant one. In addition to a wide variety of medical marijuana products, Liberty Health Sciences Inc. provides free delivery for all its customers.

After decades of experience in the highly regulated medical cannabis industry, George Scorsis has become an integral part of several companies. Having been the CEO of Liberty Health Sciences Inc., he has continued to be an active figure in the Florida business community. His company is one of the largest marijuana-growing businesses in North America. While the company is still under investigation, George Scorsis plans to continue his charitable work.

George Scorsis, a successful medical marijuana executive, is now the CEO of Liberty Health Sciences Inc. He is a Florida native, and has been involved in the industry for years. He’s also been a major contributor to the state’s medical cannabis industry. As the CEO of Liberty Health Sciences Inc., George is focused on making people feel comfortable and safe when they use medical marijuana. He has three dispensaries in the state, and offers free 24-hour delivery. The company is also well-equipped to handle the high-stakes demands of his clients.

Having been a key part of the Florida cannabis community, George Scorsis is now the executive chairman of Entourage Health. He’s the CEO of WeedMD and is currently serving as the executive chairman of Starseed, a medical cannabis company based in Ontario. In addition, he is the president of several other companies, including the Toronto-based Xanax. This means that he’s an integral part of the Florida business community.

In addition to his role as an executive at Liberty Health Sciences, George has also been a prominent member of Florida’s medical marijuana industry. He has also donated to various nonprofit organizations, including Red Bull Canada. Despite the charges against him, he remains active in the business community in Florida. While his position at the company is somewhat controversial, he is also a strong advocate of public health. He believes that medical marijuana should be legal in Florida.

As a leader in the medical cannabis industry, George Scorsis has been involved with medical cannabis companies since 2004. During his time as CEO of Liberty Health Sciences, he emphasized creating a safe environment for clients and consumers to use the plant. For the past five years, he has expanded his business to three Florida dispensaries and has expanded its operations through the acquisition of Starseed’s production facility in Canada.

In Florida, George Scorsis has been active in charity work. He has donated to many different nonprofit organizations and has been involved in the medical marijuana industry for a number of years. Currently, he serves as the executive chairman of Entourage Health, a medical marijuana producer. His work in the industry is focused on improving the lives of people in Florida. While he’s not currently facing criminal charges, he has made significant contributions to various charities in the state.

George Scorsis is a highly respected executive in the medical cannabis industry. As the founder of Liberty Health Sciences and several medical marijuana dispensaries, he has a wealth of experience in this highly regulated industry. In addition to his work as the CEO of WeedMD, Scorsis has also been a key figure in the development of several other businesses in the medical cannabis industry. In fact, he has been credited with the creation of several marijuana companies in Florida.