PMModi Schemes – Education For All

The PMModi Schemes are a set of mathematics curriculum, designed to cater to the needs of underprivileged Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, Disabled and Economically Backward Class students in the Indian education sector. These schemes have been initiated by the Central government as a way to enhance the conditions of the students belonging to the above-mentioned groups in the education sector. The PMModi scheme was launched in 2020. Initially, it was a government-run scheme, but later, the private sector came in to the picture. Today, PMModi has become one of the popular subjects taught in all levels of schools in India.

Pmmodi schemes

The PMModi curriculum is a combination of various advanced mathematics courses. Special emphasis is given on Math, reading, writing and computer skills development. A typical PMModi student is one who has reasonable scores on all the standard tests like TOEFL, IBT, SSAT and CAE. Normally, students from disadvantaged classes attain better grades in Class II and III of the exams, which are conducted in English and Hindi languages respectively.

Since PMModi requires students to have only basic qualifications in their first two years of school, most of the students are unable to attend regular classes. But since most of them cannot pursue their studies owing to financial constraints, they are forced to join camps or part time courses. These camps are organized by the local authorities and other organizations for the education of the deprived. In these camps, students learn math from an expert instructor who comes from a renowned educational institution.

The prime objective of PMModi is to build up the foundation for a bright and successful future. However, the educational system of the country is facing several setbacks, owing to various reasons. Amongst these is increasing literacy rates, improvement in literacy rates, reduction in illiteracy due to improved access to primary and secondary education, and an increase in earning capacity of women.

PMModi schemes help in boosting the overall development of a child. They help in preparing the child for higher education and thereby helping to reduce the financial burden on parents. All the subjects that are pre-requisite for higher studies, such as science, commerce, English, Math, Nursing, agriculture etc. are covered under PMModi schemes.

PMModi helps financially, by reducing the cost involved in sending the child to college or university. Since most of the parents are unable to bear the cost of sending their children to a university or college, they go for home education. Through PMModi schemes, parents can directly send their children for higher education. The advantage of this is that parents do not have to cough out a huge amount of money to send their child to a good college.