Health Risks of Hookah Smoking

A hookah, shisha, or hookah water pipe is a multi or single-stemmed device for inhaling or exhaling vapors and smoke from tobacco or cannabis, often flavored tobacco, and sometimes opium, hashish, or other drugs. The smoke is first passed through a glass bowl, often made of metal or ceramic, before being breathed in. Inhaled vapors can be highly concentrated and toxic, however; smokers should avoid inhaling volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or highly flammable liquid chemicals. Also, for the most part, hookahs do not include prayer beads, but may include small religious icons and incense.

Hookah accessories can vary greatly, from hooks to bowls to waterpipes, from bowls to mouthpieces, but the common denominator is that all must be made of metal or ceramic material, preferably decorated with gold, silver, glass, or mesh. The hookah itself can be metal, but more often than not, it is made of ceramic or porcelain materials. This type of material allows for a great deal of variety when it comes to design and style. They can be elongated and slimmer, for smaller spaces, or they can be designed in a bulky way to create a sort of “belly port.” Some hookahs are designed as only a mouthpiece, but there are also models that are complete hookah packages, including the bowls, hookah base, the hose, and the hood or shisha.

There are many health effects associated with inhale secondhand smoke. These include secondhand cigarette smoke, which causes similar problems, plus increases the likelihood of developing cancers of the nasal and sinus cavities. Third hand smoke also contributes to problems like asthma and chronic coughing. Also, smoking while you are inhaling will contribute to conditions such as gum disease, tooth decay, mouth cancer, and lung cancer. Hookah smoke also contributes to smelly breathe due to the tar and nicotine levels. Therefore, secondhand smoking is a problem not only for your body, but also for the environment.

Many people consider the use of hookah smoking to be safe because the hookah is not hot, and it cannot cause fires. While this may be true, there are some health risks that are associated with it that you should be aware of. First, because it is usually held in an enclosed area, there is an increased risk of getting smoke in the air. Inhaling the steam from the bowl can also cause a build up of steam in your mouth that can lead to bad breath. A build up of bacteria can also be a problem, especially if you are inhaling the steam of the hookah while it is burning.

Even though hookahs are generally thought of as being a harmless instrument, there have been reports of serious health problems arising from the use of hookahs. In one case, a college student died after inhaling the smoke from a hookah. Another serious case was reported in the New York Times where a man was severely burned after using a hookah. Due to the seriousness of these incidents, the US government has banned the use of hookahs in public places.

Hookah is relatively new compared to other tobacco products, but it has already caused problems in certain areas of the country. Hookah is probably best for smokers who are trying to quit, since its effects are much less harmful than other methods of quitting, such as nicotine replacement therapy gum or patches. However, it is important for smokers to know about these risks to stay healthy. If you are thinking about quitting, it is better to stay away from a hookah session, at least for the time being until you have experienced all of the possible side effects. You should definitely think about trying to find a healthier way to quit.